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98E Basic Man Saver T- Post Driver

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Post Type:
Post Size:
Up to 1 1/4 inch Diameter or Basic T-Post
Air Compressor Type:
70-80 PSI 2.5 CFM
98E Basic Man Saver T- Post Driver
All Orders Received PRIOR to 2:30pm PST will generally ship same day.

98E Basic Man Saver T-Post Driver 

Easy to use one person fence post driver. Runs off of any small air compressor that delivers at least 2.5 CFM at 70 PSI. Runs off air set at maximum 70 PSI. Over-pressuring can cause damage to the parts. The fence post driver’s compact size is ideal for remote locations and tight spots. Drives t posts without bending. Pounds posts wherever a hand driver will work, 80-85 strokes per minute. See the Man Saver Post DriverTM at work video below.


  • Weight: 26 lbs 
  • Capacities: Round post – 7/8” or 1-1/4” Round Posts – up to 1-1/4" Maximum Outside Diameter with purchase of sleeve. Sleeves available for purchase for your T Post Driver to be able to drive round posts, see choices from dropdown above.
Above you have the options of the shape of sleeve you would like your Basic T-Post Driver to come with; options are making the driver ready to drive T-Posts or 7/8" round or 1-1/4" round. View options for sleeves for your 98-E HERE

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  • 5
    Simple to use.

    Posted by Jim Serbin, Buckeye, AZ on 27th Dec 2012

    I purchase your post driver 7 years ago. Since then I have used it on and off to insert hundreds of T-Posts for horse runs, to anchor round pens and 5 rail panels, and to stabilize tilting trees.  It's a hardy unit that requires very little maintenance.  I keep it clean and lubricated.  I only recently replaced the air control valve assembly myself.  Simple to use.  I have inserted T-Posts in all sorts of ground.  If the soil was clay packed and rocky, I slow soaked the ground to make the process quicker.  In normal soil, the T-Posts go into the ground like a hot knife through butter.  Made in USA this product is well worth the price and it will save you from sore arms and purchasing pain relievers for the aches and pains of manually pounding in T-Posts.

  • 4
    Investment well worth it

    Posted by Gary Vigil sr. on 11th Dec 2012

    Have used this product many times and has saved our backs, Does the job fast and easy able to install many t-post ...Great investment
    Pays for itself

  • 5

    Posted by Customer on 25th Oct 2011

    I checked all around our area for a mechanized driver to rent. Everyone smirked, and said there wasn't such a thing. Then I got on line and found your driver. I was skeptical. After driving forty posts in some of the most difficult ground anyone can imagine, I am convinced the driver has already paid for itself. The lowest bid I received for the 1,300 linear feet of t-post fence was just over $6,000. I will be able to do it for about $1,500. So far it has performed just as advertised. One modification I have made is a level bubble. Thanks.

    Originally posted 6/4/2007

  • 5
    This is an excellent product.

    Posted by Customer on 25th Oct 2011

    This is an excellent product. I drove posts through rock hard ground. In two days I put up hundreds of t-posts without a problem. ( It is hard on the hands) If you are looking at any other air-driven product beware of the ginormous compressed air tanks you will need with these products. We did make fun of the name of the poduct by calling it a "MAN-SAVOUR" That was a lot of fun. An excellent product.

    Originally posted 10/23/2007

  • 5
    I have set 300 6.5' t posts so far

    Posted by Customer on 25th Oct 2011

    I have set 300 6.5' t posts so far. My only problem was that I started using the wrong oil and it messed it up abit. You can get 20 SAE oil in a small bottle by 3in1 for electric motors at lowes.

    Originally posted 12/3/2008

  • 5
    This driver drives post in rocky ground

    Posted by Customer on 25th Oct 2011

    I have used the T post driver to drive 600 post on my fence line. I am ordering the 1 1/4" adapter for round post,to help with driveing post to hold geen houses down with. Will be setting up 4/14'wide x 100' green houses. The ground is all rocks on the yelm prarie. This driver drives post in rocky ground.

    Originally posted 11/5/2008

  • 5
    This is a great product!

    Posted by Customer on 25th Oct 2011

    This is a great product! I started to purchase a heavier duty unit for my farm due to the extreme soil conditions but then decided to just go with the basic 98E Driver. I wasn't real sure I was choising the right model but after using this driver for the last week, all I can say is WOW! My soil is mostly rocky limestone with some clay and a little black soil on top. The weather in my part of Texas has been past extreme in both high heat and lack of mositure. Most of the US is well aware of that we have had one of the worst summers on record. The ground is so hard that it is an extremly difficult task to drive a T-post by hand. The very first post I drove with my 98E took almost two minutes to put in the ground. However, it pounded that post to the right depth and the hardest work I did to get that post in the ground was to hold the T-post vertical while the driver started doing its thing on that post! The only problem I had was due to the extremly hard ground causing the air valve switch to bounce. By simply letting the switch roll off my finger on the up lift, the driver continued to work effortlessly. I wish I had had one of these years ago!!!

    Originally posted 9/16/2011

  • 5
    This is must for driving posts

    Posted by Customer on 25th Oct 2011

    This is must for driving posts, we have a new Alpaca farm and I have driven over 100 posts with our 98e it works great. best of luck Alan and Sue Monat happy hearts Alpaca Farm Brimfield MA

    Originally posted 5/16/2010

  • 5
    Drove in 5 t-posts by hand in Nevada

    Posted by Customer on 25th Oct 2011

    Drove in 5 t-posts by hand in Nevada. We are all about tough dirt and rocks. Borrowed from a GREAT guy one of your t post drivers. Drove 100 t posts in two hours. I will never drive a t post by hand and am waiting for mine in the mail.

    Originally posted 5/25/2009