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Ranch Strong with Rohrer

We have our winners! 



1st: Jane Somero - Wins a Man Saver Post Driver ($450 value)

Here is our youngest of five who threw mom a wink when the camera came out. The Man Saver Driver would be welcomed not only to save on backs, but foreheads! There has been more than one bruise around here from a "bounce back" while putting in fencing with force!

2nd: Sami Carver - Wins a Man Saver T Post Puller ($45 value)

Father and son branding in the same corrals as their great great grandfathers did. This picture captures the legend of a true cowboy continuing for generations to come. We are always building and fixing fence on the ranch, with the Man saver post driver this would save a lot of time!

Elysabeth J Kierl - Wins a Man Saver T Post Puller ($45 value)

My husband owns and operates a fencing business. He has built it from the ground up. We are firm believers in working for a living and our children are learning to do just that. Getting dirty and working long days are a normal for us. We're doing our best to make our kids contributing members of society. The Man Saver Post Driver would certainly lighten the load on Hubby's back and teach the kids to work smarter, not harder!

If you are one of our winners, contact Kasey kasey@every-idea.com for information on how to claim your prize. First place winner selected as photo with most votes. Second and third place winners chosen by Rohrer Manufacturing and American Cattleman.


Ranch hand in truck