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Man Saver Fence Post Driver™. The Smart Way to Build a Fence.


These revolutionary patented, pneumatic air-powered fence post drivers eliminate the back breaking job of hand driving fence posts.

The Man Saver Post Driver™ is an excellent, affordable alternative to bulky hydraulic or back breaking manual fence post drivers. This lightweight, portable fence post driver is ideal for ranches, vineyards, sign and highway fence posts, and marker installations.

The Man Saver Post Driver™ was first developed by Dan Rohrer in response to a fence builder who was complaining about his back and wishing for a "wonder tool." In less than a month, the first Man Saver Post Driver™ was manufactured and sold.

Since then, Dan Rohrer has developed a series of fence post drivers and expanded their capabilities with various adapters that allow them to drive almost any shaped fence post on the market up to 3.5" diameter. Ideal for all your farm, ranch, rangeland, or vineyard fencing. They are also great tools for highway department post driver needs.